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National Conference Wins ECHL All-Star Skills Competition


READING, Pa. - The National Conference defeated the American Conference, 9-7, in the 12th Annual ECHL All-Star Skills Competition presented by Guardian Wear.

Don’t forget to watch Stingrays representatives Travis Morin, Johann Kroll, and Michal Neuvirth tonight during the All-Star Game.  The video broadcasts of the All-Star Game and the Skills Competition will be available free of charge on
ECHLALLSTARTV on The video broadcast will require a high-speed internet connection and a current version of Microsoft Windows Media Player.
The audio broadcast of the All-Star Game will begin at 6:45 p.m. ET on Wednesday. 
The video broadcast features Jack Michaels of the Alaska Aces, veteran NHL analyst
Neil Smith and Adrian Denny of the Utah Grizzlies. The audio broadcast features Josh Heller of the South Carolina Stingrays, Paul Roper of the Trenton Devils and Mark Thompson of the host Reading Royals and is produced by Doug Lane of NHL Radio.

Sherwood Hockey Puck Control Relay

National Conference (
Matt Shasby, Alaska; Justin Taylor, Las Vegas and Matt Pope, Bakersfield) d. American Conference (Travis Morin, South Carolina; Barret Ehgoetz, Cincinnati and Jarret Lukin, Dayton).

Sherwood Hockey Individual Puck Control Relay

American Conference (
Johann Kroll, South Carolina) d. National Conference (Ryan Huddy, Stockton).

CCM U+ Fastest Skater

National Conference (14.149) d. American Conference (14.222)

Dan Gendur (Victoria), National Conference (13.686). 2. Aaron Clarke (Wheeling), American Conference (13.816). 3. Aaron Brocklehurst (Florida), American Conference (14.138). 4. Mark Bomersback (Idaho), National Conference (14.250). 5. Matt Fornataro (Phoenix), National Conference (14.511). 6. Josh Aspenlind (Elmira), American Conference (14.712).

Reebok O-Stick Hardest Shot

American Conference (93.87) d. National Conference (92.85)

Dylan Yeo (Victoria), National Conference (97.7). 2. Matt Cohen (Trenton), American Conference (97.1). 3. Steve Ward (Reading), American Conference (95.4). 4. Tim Kraus (Ontario), National Conference (94.7). 5. Geoff Walker (Ontario), National Conference (93.3). 6. Elgin Reid (Wheeling), American Conference (92.4). 7. Matt Ford (Charlotte), American Conference (90.6). 8. Mike Wilson (Phoenix), National Conference (85.7).

Reebok Rapid Fire

American Conference (20 saves) d. National Conference (14 saves)

Kris Mayotte (Johnstown), American Conference (8 saves)

David Leggio (Florida), American Conference (7 saves)

Joe Fallon (Fresno), National Conference (6 saves)

Jean-Philippe Lamoureux (Alaska), National Conference (5 saves)

Michal Neuvirth (South Carolina), American Conference (5 saves)

John Murray (Ontario), National Conference (3 saves

MeiGray Group Accuracy Shooting Competition)

American Conference (8 targets) d. National Conference (6 targets)

Cory Urquhart (Stockton), National Conference (3 targets)

Ryan Cruthers (Mississippi), American Conference (3 targets)

Kevin Baker (Florida), American Conference (3 targets)

Mark Derlago (Bakersfield), National Conference (2 targets)

Bryan Ewing (Wheeling), American Conference (2 targets)

Colin Hemingway (Alaska), National Conference (1 target)

Cory Urquhart (Stockton), National Conference was 1-for-1 in the tiebreaker to defeat Ryan Cruthers (Mississippi), American Conference and Kevin Baker (Florida), American Conference for the individual win.

Guardian Wear� Breakaway Relay

National Conference d. American Conference, 4-3

American Conference vs.
Jean-Philippe Lamoureux (Alaska), 4 saves: Travis Morin (South Carolina), miss; Jarret Lukin (Dayton), goal; Johann Kroll (South Carolina), miss; Josh Aspenlind (Elmira), miss; Aaron Brocklehurst (Flroida), miss; Barret Ehgoetz (Cincinnati), goal.

National Conference vs.
Kris Mayotte (Johnstown), 6 saves; Matt Shasby (Alaska), miss; Matt Pope (Bakersfield), miss; Mark Bomersback (Idaho), miss; Dan Gendur (Victoria), miss; Jeff May (Las Vegas), miss; Matt Fornataro (Phoenix), miss.

American Conference vs.
John Murray (Ontario), 6 saves; Aaron Clarke (Wheeling), miss; Matthew Ford (Charlotte), miss; Matt Cohen (Trenton), miss; Ryan Del Monte (Johnstown), miss; Elgin Reid (Wheeling), miss; Tyler Doig (Reading), miss.

National Conference vs.
Michal Neuvirth (South Carolina), 4 saves; Justin Taylor (Las Vegas), goal; Geoff Walker (Ontario), miss; Michael Wilson (Phoenix), goal; Tom May (Utah), miss; Dylan Yeo (Victoria), miss; Tim Kraus (Ontario), miss.

American Conference vs.
Joe Fallon (Fresno), 5 saves; Kevin Baker (Florida), miss; Jordan Fox (Gwinnett), miss; Ryan Gunderson (Trenton), miss; Ryan Cruthers (Mississippi), goal; Bryan Ewing (Wheeling), miss; Steve Ward (Reading), miss.

National Conference vs.
David Leggio (Florida), 4 saves; Colin Hemingway (Alaska), goal; Ryan Huddy (Stockton), goal; Matt Stephenson (Idaho), miss; Mark Derlago (Bakersfield), miss; Jeff May (Las Vegas), miss; Cory Urquhart (Stockton), miss.

Outstanding Goaltender �
Kris Mayotte
(Johnstown), American Conference (14 saves)

ECHL Skills Competition Results

2009 Skills Competition at Reading, Pa.
National Conference 9, American Conference, 7

2008 Skills Competition at Stockton, Calif.
National Conference 19, American Conference 16

2007 Skills Competition at Boise, Idaho
American Conference 20, National Conference 11

2006 Skills Competition at Fresno, Calif.
National Conference 15, American Conference 8

2005 Skills Competition at Reading, Pa.
National Conference 10, American Conference 9

2004 Skills Competition at Peoria, Ill.
Eastern Conference 11, Western Conference 10

2003 Skills Competition at Estero, Fla.
Northern Conference 12, Southern Conference 9

2002 Skills Competition at Trenton, N.J.
Southern Conference 16, Northern Conference 8

2001 Skills Competition at North Little Rock, Ark.
Southern Conference 15, Northern Conference 5

2000 Skills Competition at Greenville, S.C.
Northern Conference 11, Southern Conference 8

1999 Skills Competition at Biloxi, Miss.
Southern Conference 13, Northern Conference 8

1998 Skills Competition at Lafayette, La.
Canada All-Stars 10, USA/World All-Stars 9

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