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Mobile Ticketing Guide

Download the Stingrays App for easy access to your Stingrays Tickets and My Account Manager!

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Account Manager


Account Manager gives you the ability to view, exchange or transfer your tickets for upcoming games.

YES! There are no costs associated with the Stingrays App and managing your tickets using Account Manager on your smartphone, including accessing tickets for mobile entry & forwarding tickets.

A digital or mobile ticket is the safest, most convenient and flexible way to receive and manage tickets. It’s our effort to make your experience the very best. Digital Tickets provide:

  • Quick and easy entry to the North Charleston Coliseum using your mobile phone or smart device
  • Instant access to all your season tickets through the Stingrays Account Manager page and Stingrays App
  • The ability to manage your tickets at any time
  • Reduced risk of lost, stolen, counterfeit or forgotten tickets
  • An easy way to go green by printing less paper

No, a mobile ticket must be provided either within the mobile website or within your phone’s wallet to gain entry.

We recommend that you download your tickets at least 24 hours before the game you're attending.

Yes, however, it’s much easier to send each attendee their individual ticket.

Print at home tickets are not available. The options for tickets are:

  1. Mobile entry on the Stingrays App through Stingrays Account Manager
  2. Tickets may be texted directly to you with no sign-in required.

Use the Stingrays App for easy acess to your Account Manager. The Stingrays staff can also reset your Account Manager password for you. Give our office a call at (843) 744-2248. 

Watch the video above for visual instructions on how to transfer tickets to someone or follow the steps below:

  1. Access your Stingrays Account Manager through the Stingrays App or type in your browser: am.ticketmaster.com/scstingrays
  2. Click on the top right button that says  “Sign In” and enter your information
  3. Once you are signed in, click on “Manage Tickets” on the center blue button
  4. Click on the game that you’d like to Transfer the tickets from
  5. To start the process, you must click “Transfer”  on the right-hand corner and select which tickets you want to transfer
  6. Click “Continue” and proceed to enter in your recipient's contact information
  7. Your contact will receive an email, notifying them that you issued a Ticket Transfer*
  9. Once your contact has accepted the transfer, the tickets are officially theirs!

    *Note: If you enter in the incorrect email address or your guest fails to accept the tickets, you can cancel the transfer BEFORE anyone accepts the tickets. They will then remain on your account.